Fall Is Fall Is Fall Is Fall

Fall. It’s finally here. Time to break out your college football gear, light hoodies, Oktoberfests, and start putting pumpkin flavoring in anything and everything you can find apparently. I’m not sure where this pumpkin craze came from, seemingly out of nowhere. Everywhere I look I see pumpkin flavored nonsense. I like a little bit of pumpkin here and there, but it is getting out of control this year. But I digress.

The most important part of fall, as is really the case with every season, is the music. When the weather starts to cool down a touch, the music has to follow suit. As I mentioned in a previous post, summer time is all about fast, loud, and sing-along-ability(made that word up but I’m sticking with it). That makes summer the perfect time for catchy pop, punk, and (no surprise) pop-punk. When it comes to fall, I typically want to put on music that has more depth, darker tones, and is quite frankly a bit weirder. I tend to listen to a lot of La Dispute, Foxing, mewithoutYou, All Get Out, and (obviously) Brand New during this season. I considered doing a list of my favorite fall records, but my favorite movie list post really wore me out on lists (I can’t stress how difficult making that list was). So instead, I decided to just give you a few of the records I think I am going to find myself spinning a lot this fall. There will be some new and some old, so check some out and let me know what you think! These are in no particular order.

Pinegrove- Cardinal

I think this is the type of album that most of you reading this could really get into, even if you don’t typically like the type of music I talk about. Cardinal has a kind of alt-country sound with super lo-fi production. The songwriting is so phenomenal. It also has one of my favorite lyrics of the year so far, “I should call my parents when I think of them, should tell my friends when I love them. Maybe I should have gone out a bit more, are you guys still in town? I got too caught up in my own shit, it’s how every outcome is such a comedown.”

Brand New- Leaked Demos 2006 aka Fight Off Your Demons Demos aka TDAGARIM Demos

These are a group of demos that leaked in 2006 while Brand New was working on the follow up to Deja Entendu. A majority of the songs were scrapped, with a few winding up on the next record (my favorite of all time) The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me. The band ignored that the demos ever existed until this year, when they released them officially onto iTunes, Spotify, and, in typical Brand New fashion, on cassette tape. The songs themselves are nothing short of brilliant. They are demos, so they are rough and unfinished, and they have a really raw quality that is essential for fall music listening.

As Cities Burn- Come Now Sleep

As Cities Burn is a band that was criminally underrated, under-appreciated, and short lived. They only put out 3 records, all of which are stunning and totally different. Come Now Sleep tends to be more melancholy than the other releases. The album is lyrically stunning throughout and littered with brooding and haunting melodies. It has its moments of intensity as well, making the pacing and tracking of the record a perfect listen for a late night fall drive with windows down.

Balance & Composure- The Light We Made

This record just came out last week and man is it great. Will definitely find a spot in my top 10 year end list for sure. The album is mesmerizing. The rhythms and guitar tones lull me into a vibey, dream-like trance. I really just don’t know how to describe it. B&C are an aggressive emo/post-grunge type sounding band that started experimenting with electronic drums and different chord progressions, and it totally works for them and totally works for me this fall.

Side note: even though they aren’t out for another two weeks, if what I have heard so far is any inclination then I think Jimmy Eat World’s Integrity Blues and All Get Out’s Nobody Likes A Quitter will be getting a LOT of play after their release dates.