Save Rock And Roll (Fifth-Year-Senior Slump or Comeback of the Year)

When most bands announce their reunion, they do it wrong. They let everyone know they are back, then a month later play a show, followed by a song in another month, then a record 6-8 months later. Its really quite silly. There is too much time for the fans to lose the feeling of hype that came with the announcement, and I’m sure it hurts album sales.

But on February 4 2013, Fall Out Boy did it right. In one day, they announced their return, released a new song (with music video), announced their new album title and release date, a full tour routing, and played a hometown show in Chicago that very night.

When I first heard this news, I was a little skeptical. Like many others, Folie A Deux didn’t do a whole lot for me. I didn’t hate it, it just wasn’t the FOB I loved. But then I scrolled down into the replies of the thread and listened to the first single from the new record, “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em’ Up)”. Wow. This was something special. AND the record was produced with Butch Walker? I’m in.

I got really excited for the record, and when i heard the full thing on April 16 (thankfully the release date was moved up almost a full month from the original announcement) I was not disappointed in the least.  Vocalist Patrick Stump’s voice sounds better and more powerful than it ever has, most noticeable on “Alone Together” and “Just One Yesterday”. Pete Wentz’s lyrics hit just as hard, ranging from the emo-angst lines the band is known for to aggressive and in-your-face words that make sure we know they are back and damn good at what they do.

Driving to my last day of college classes with the windows down and this record turned up, I couldn’t help but start comparing this record to From Under The Cork Tree. I know, I know, everyone else’s favorite is Take This To Your Grave, but Cork Tree is what really got me into FOB. I was trying to decide which record I like better when I realized that I truly can’t compare the two. When Cork Tree was released in 2005, I was a freshman in high school; that is to say, immature, raging with hormones, and absolutely full of energy. I WAS that record. It captured my feelings at the time perfectly.

Now, 8 years later and literally on the eve of my college graduation, Save Rock and Roll has captured my heart once again. The songs on this album hit me the exact same way that those songs hit me back then. The only difference now is that I’ve grown up. But the thing is, so have they.


I grew up with Fall Out Boy, and Fall Out Boy grew up right along with me.